Teaching opportunities at the EHL

Etudiants EHL


The prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne has a new bachelor that will be at full speed in 2016-2017. Therefore, they have open teaching positions in the following disciplines to be filled Sept 2016:

  • Finance/real estate finance: 2
  • Corporate finance: 2
  • Accounting/financial-managerial:2
  • Entrepreneurship: 2
  • OB: 2
  • Strategic management: 2
  • Revenue management: 1
  • Marketing/digital/luxury: 2
  • Technology: 1

Preferably, people holding a PhD, or clinical with industry experience and PhD, or practitioners with a MBA/masters from a renowned university and industry exposure. Obviously, if they can teach in F and E, this is paradise, but they will examine all applications and the English sections have become predominant. Part time employment can be discussed.

If you know people who might be interested, who might fit this institution, and who want to join an ambitious school, please and ask those folks to send to fabien.fresnel@ehl.ch their full application (resume, cover letter, publications, grades eval…).

Please share these teaching opportunities within your accademic network. Thanks.

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