ENTER PhD workshop: Call for research proposals

ENTER2013 – eTourism Opportunities and Challenges for the next 20 years

Innsbruck Austria 22nd to 25th of January 2013

Organised by the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism (IFITT), the pre-conference event provides a forum for doctoral students undertaking research related to Information and Communication Technology in Travel and Tourism. Doctoral students at all stages are encouraged to participate and submit. The workshop provides students an opportunity to share and develop their research ideas in a critical but supportive environment and to get feedback from colleagues and leading scholars in the field.

Please, note there is no cost to students for participating in this workshop. Also the full ENTER 2013 conference is discounted for students.

Submission of research proposals

The research proposals should have a maximum length of five pages (A4) and include: 1) problem definition; 2) literature review; 3) conceptual development; 4) proposed methodology; 5) anticipated results; and 6) references. Please download the PhDWorkshop

author advice style guide http://ifitt.org/public/uploads/PhDWorkshop_Author_Advice_2012.doc

Each submission will undergo a review process. Students will be notified about the review outcome, along with recommendations to improve the proposal before the workshop.

Accepted proposals will be made available to workshop participants before the workshop. The best research proposal will receive an award and will be recognized at the main conference event!

Time schedule

Submission closes 5 October 2012

Initial feedback 26 October 2012

Submit final revised proposal 16 November 2012

Final acceptance 30 November 2012

PhD Workshop 22 January 2013

ENTER Conference 23 -25 January 2013

Submit your proposal by Email to one of the ENTER 2013 PhD workshop chairs or student

committee member

• Prof. Rob Law, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; hmroblaw@inet.polyu.edu.hk

• Prof. Matthias Fuchs, ETOUR Mid-Sweden University; matthias.fuchs@miun.se

• Dr. Carlos Lamsfus, CICtourGUNE; CarlosLamsfus@tourgune.org

• Barbara Neuhofer, Bournemouth University; bneuhofer@bournemouth.ac.uk

(C) Jean-Claude MORAND
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